Storytelling – The ultimate weapon in video marketing


75% of senior executives watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least once a week (source: study by Forbes and Google).

The biggest challenge for you, of course, is to produce a successful video that stands out from the mainstream.

In my inaugural blog published last week, I touched on 5 simple tips on how to make your marketing video stand out. One of the critical points I raised, was the power of storytelling.

We can be such expert story consumers that we can confidently walk out of a movie after only a few minutes when we decide we don’t like the plot or the style. Yet, when it’s our turn on the stage, we often fail to recognise both the importance of a good story and the weakness of our own approaches to communication. Why is this?


What happens if we harness the energy of the well-told story?


We move beyond business-as-usual and start building compelling content that is both engaging and powerful.

People remember good stories. They have better recollections of things if they can be put in context. Above all, stories evoke emotions.


"People may forget what you said,

people may forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel."


So, learn how to strike an emotional chord and how to capture the heart and soul of your audience.

Strong, quality content creates better audience interaction. This spreads through word of mouth, other social media tools and customer referrals. Do it well and you will turn one storytelling campaign into an enduring message that reminds fresh in the minds of viewers, even well after the campaign is finished.

Nothing beats a commercial that brings viewers to tears, by using breathtaking cinematic visions and dialogues that cause riotous laughter.


Authentic, entertaining and relevant


Your goal is to achieve maximum impact in the shortest possible time no matter what the message, product, or services that you wish to promote; ultimately forming an emotional connection with your audience.

How do you achieve this?

We’ve done countless productions so there are a fair few we can show you to illustrate this point, but below is just a sample taken from a successful campaign that we produced to address a confronting topic – child abuse.

These products were prepared in such a way as to facilitate flexibility so as to show them on multiple platforms. These platforms included TV commercials, online promotion and as a key presentation at major corporate fund raising events (where we merged the three products into a single presentation).


Mental abuse - 45 seconds TV Commercial


Physical abuse - 45 seconds TV Commercial



Sexual abuse - 45 seconds TV Commercial


The big question is how do you create winning videos?


In order for your videos to be effective in marketing your key messages, your business must first develop strategies and specific measurement plans around the use of video. You need to understand the processes in creating those videos. Of course, you will have some basic plans and messages in mind … but we’ll go through all your different options using our experience and our successful track record. We’ve heard it all, so call us!

I'd love to hear from you if you’d like to know more about creating a top notch video as a powerful, new marketing tool.


Please check back here soon for new blog entries!