With all our projects, we offer a thoroughly researched and well-crafted script integrated with strong cinematic images. In the field of post-production, we use the most powerful video editing tools, being Final Cut Pro program integrated with the Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. We use state of the art high definition equipment to master your projects to Blu-Ray, DVD, CD or any file format to suit web or multi-media presentations.

We audition external talents, source props, and conduct location scouting with a highly experienced eye for how a location will work with cinematic elements for almost all of our commissions.

Contour Media externally sources any specialised production equipment if needed, in order to meet our client brief. These equipments are sourced from among a group of established and reputable suppliers. Our experience in sourcing and operating various types of specialised equipment includes high quality standard cameras such as the Red One or Alexa with compatible lighting equipment, helicopters, side mounts, motion control rigs and camera rigs, sound kit suitable for digital recording. We also operate using Canon 5D/7D, Sony F3 and other types of cameras appropriate for the job and depending on your budget.